ABC for Visitors

This section provides practical informations that may be useful when you plan your trip to Yemen.


A stay in an ancient Yemenite palace is a very special experience. However, there are also western style hotels as well as smaller places for the budget traveller.


While for many everyday items such as fruits or groceries the prices may be fixed, you should of course compare prices of those silverware and other souvenirs that you may want to take home from Yemen.

Bedouin Guides

Are required when travelling in the desert for their indispensable knowledge of local circumstances. They also provide security to the visitor.

Credit Cards

Are virtually useless unless you stay in one of the few five star hotels.

Crime & Safety

Due to islamic law, there is very little crime. Streets are safe even at night. However, kidnappings occur from time to time in the desert. Such acts are normally aimed at the local authorities rather than at the victim & abductees are normally treated well. In any way, ORIENTAL TOURS will provide adequate security for such trips.


There are relatively little formalities to complete when arriving in Yemen. Pornographic material is strictly prohibited, but you can bring in 2 bottles of whiskey. You may only drink inside hotels but nor in public. When leaving, you can take anything you bought in Yemen, but of course no antiquities.


The Red Sea, the Indian Ocean or the island Suqutra are paradises for divers. ORIENTAL TOURS can arrange trips to all these destinations.


You will need a passport and a valid visa. Your passport must not reflect a previous visit to Israel or you may be refused entry. When arriving from a yellow fever infected area, you need a valid vaccination certificate.

Domestic Travel

The Yemenite airline operates a number of domestic flights, but most people use buses or Toyotas for the real experience. ORIENTAL TOURS can arrange for all kinds of travel around the country, even on camels.

Dress code

You don't go to Yemen for a suntan and you're well advised to dress accordingly. This particularily applies to women. Loose clothes that reveal nothing above the ankles, long skirts, pants or dresses are highly recommended. Men should not wear shorts.


A region towards the East of the country with a number of ancient cities, namely Say'un, Ta'rim, Shibam and Aynat.


All major currencies are being accepted in Yemen. The local currency is called Riyal. It is easy to change money inside the country, but it may not be easy to buy Yemenite Rials outside Yemen. It would therefore be a good idea to have a number of small US Dollar bills on hand to pay the taxi in town or other services until you get to a bank or money changer. Bills of 100 US$ ur 100 EUR fetch the best rates. ORIENTAL TOURS can in any case ve helpful changing foreign currency.


Yemen is very islamic. Woman are deeply veiled and are rarely seen outside their homes and religious traditions are still very strong. You are requested to respect such traditions.


is possible at the coast & you can swim and dive, but never walk around the town in a swimsuit. This would violate local customs and religious feelings.


This questionable practise does not exist in Yemen, and please don't introduce it. You may, however, give some tips to a good driver and a good guide.


Visa are required by most nationals. ORIENTAL TOURS can be helpful arrangig all documents required. Apart from that, please contact your local yemenite embassy before commencing your journey.

Visiting Mosques

Most places of worship are off limits to foreigners. Also graveyards have a "Muslim Only" sign at the gate.


Just as virtually everyone has a mobile phone in the West, almost everyone carries a gun in Yemen, quite an unusual sight in particular to Europeans. But despite the number of weapons everywhere, Yemen is still an amazingly safe place to visit. When local feuds break out, you will probably hear about it soon enough not to visit the area.

Women travellers

Women can visit Yemen without a male partner, but feministic ideas are unheard of. You are advised to dress appropriately and act modestly. If you smile at men or even make direct eye contact, you could invite harrassment. Yemen is not dangerous in this respect; it's simply that you should respect the countrys local culture.


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